Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is compliance?

    Compliance means that you comply with all applicable requirements and that you can prove it. These requirements can originate from laws and regulations, norms, project requirements, contract conditions, stakeholder requirements, permits, safety requirements, etc.

  • Why is compliance management important?

    Organisations have to comply with the requirements under which they do their work, whether it is in the industry, healthcare, finance, maintenance, food, oil & gas or exploration. These requirements are not only getting more complex, the burden of proof is shifting from the external inspector to the organisation itself. Self- governance in an era of more and more complex regulations requires a different approach. Alveus offers a practical method to ensure and prove compliance.

  • Who developed the compliance application Mantis?

    Mantis is engineered and developed by the Alveus team which has ample experience in inspection, commissioning, safety, environment, project control, risk management and engineering. The software is written by our partner Hot Pinguin Software development. All consultants and programming engineers are based in the Netherlands.

    Hotpinguin Software development
  • What is the Grasshopper™ methodology?

    The clients of Alveus were confronted with two major challenges regarding compliance: The number of requirements and their complexity. In order to cope with the numerous requirements, Alveus developed a methodology of translating requirements to clear and understandable questions. These questions are subsequently employed in our compliance management application Mantis. The method with which to translate the requirements is called the Grasshopper™ methodology.

  • What are the hosting options for Mantis?

    For most of our customers, Mantis is hosted on our own servers in a Dutch data facility centre. Hosting in Azure or on one’s own servers is possible at an extra cost.

  • How do you ensure security of the data collected with Mantis?

    Hosting of Mantis and the datasets takes place on our own servers in a secure data centre in The Netherlands. The daily backups of this data are stored in another data centre within The Netherlands. The database server is not directly connected to the internet. The database of the client is only accessible by client’s authorised departments and users.

  • Where is my data stored?

    The safety of your data is our number one priority. Your data is stored on the servers of Alveus which are located in a secured data centre based in The Netherlands. Backups are stored in another secured data centre which is also in The Netherlands.

  • Do I always have access to my data?

    Yes, the Mantis data are 24/7 accessible.

  • Do I always need to have access to Internet for executing my checklists?

    No, the Mantis application for the tablet or phone only needs access to the internet for downloading or synchronizing the checklists. Executing the checklists can be done offline.

  • Can I work with the Mantis in an ATEX environment?

    Yes, Alveus supplies special ATEX-certified tablets and mobile phones.

  • Which web browsers are supported?

    We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. We recommend using Google Chrome.

  • Can I give my clients or stakeholders access to the results in Mantis?

    Yes, it is possible to give third-parties access to results of your compliance checks. You can do this directly by providing login details to the third-party. By assigning an authorization level the access of this login can be restricted. It is also possible to share the checklist reports in pdf and only provide own users with direct access.

  • What are the benefits of Mantis?

    • Saves time and money on compliance checks
    • Faster reaction times in case of non-compliance
    • Increased awareness at all levels of the organisation
    • Time- and cost reduction on work preparation, execution, inspection and commissioning