Compliance management with Mantis

In this 360-degree film you can see how the compliance management application Mantis is used by Mineralz - a Renewi company. We follow an operator who has received his checklist and then starts answering the questions on the workplace with the tablet. The observed non- compliances are automatically sent to the responsible employee.

Editie 2016/2017

Compliance Experts

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For this first edition of the Compliance Experts magazine (solely available in Dutch), we have asked several experts from the contracting industry, energy, risk management, infrastructure, recycling and the academic world to share their views. Especially in the technical world, non-compliance does not only result in substantial economic damage, but also in damage to the environment, the company’s image, and, in the worst case, injuries or death of personnel. We have asked the experts how they guarantee compliance and what processes they deploy. We also asked them how they infuse compliance throughout their entire organisation, in other words, how the acceptance of compliance from the work floor up to the supervisor is realised.

The articles and interviews about the successes and lessons learned show that compliance is a broad theme that should not only be addressed by the legal department, but must be lived throughout the organization.