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Compliance at Mineralz (a Renewi company)

For more than 30 years, Mineralz (formerly Van Gansewinkel Minerals) has been active in cleaning polluted soils and recycling residual materials into secondary raw materials. Mineralz strives for an optimal reuse of all kinds of materials. Waste that doesn’t yet have a sustainable way of being processed is buried in an environmentally-friendly manner on the company’s own storage field.

Many different laws, rules and regulations apply to this sector. Mineralz has an obligation to fulfill these many and complex requirements and demonstrate that they comply.


Nico Bartels

"It is only when you can deliver real proof that you can show that you meet a requirement. Then, you demonstrate that you know what you are talking about."


Mineralz wanted to achieve the following objectives:

  • (1) An operational and practical method of demonstrating compliance with all requirements, norms, laws and regulations.
  • (2) A structured way of collecting evidence that requirements are being met.
  • (3) Automatic notifications being sent to the right person in case of non-compliance.

The extent and complexity of requirements regarding environmental permits, laws and internal safety and quality requirements made it very difficult to demonstrate how all these requirements were being met. The existing tools offered insufficient structure and control.


Alveus Compliance Solutions therefore provided the Mantis application fully adapted to the Mineralz’ Maasvlakte location. In close co-operation with Mineralz, Alveus translated the requirements into questions that could be answered by the operators on the work floor. The feedback received from the operators allows to continuously sharpen the quality of the questions, thereby creating a self-learning organization.


With Mantis, Mineralz has insight into the degree of compliance. Mantis has made checking requirements easy, user friendly and especially practical.

With Mantis, the verification process is initiated and then controlled. Since the execution is easy, the quality of the checks is far greater than before Mineralz used Mantis. In the event of non-compliance, the appropriate employee is automatically alerted, so that immediate action can be taken.

Since the operators now carry out the controls themselves, they learn about the rules applicated to their line of work. This increases the awareness of the operators. This also enables them to prevent non-compliance outside of the controls.